This page has been named Anthology as it contains a collection of miscellaneous OT and NT studies.

The Saying on the Cross


Sabachthani: the suffering servant and the akedha
Article presenting an in-depth analysis of the saying on the cross:

Examining philology, etymology and theology and intertextuality between the
suffering servant of Psalm 22 with the sacrifice of Isaac (the akedha) in Genesis 22.

It is a follow up of the original article on Psalm 22,
CEJBI, Vol. 10, No.2, Apr 2016  
Access here
Accompanied by an extensive (macro enabled) Excel Spreadsheet
that compares the synoptic Gospel passages and LXX (in Greek unicode)
including a look up function and access to etymological and philological data bases.
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Technical Supplement: A Stylometric Analysis of Ezekiel 38


Technical Supplement: A Stylometric Analysis of Ezekiel 38
Incorporates links to various statistical packages, data sets and Excel workbooks
that examine the underlying methodologies of stylometric analysis.

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