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Welcome. Check out our Privacy Policy. Biblaridion also has a YouTube channel, don't forget to subscribe! This website contains an exposition of Revelation – “Pattern recognition in the Apocalypse” and an exposition of Daniel “God is Judge” as well as numerous resources and features. The current page (the home or index page) is actually a section (“division”) within the index page that remains hidden and only becomes visible once the animation has ended. If you wish to avoid the animation on future visits (for faster loading) then bookmark one of the other header pages - for example - go to the Table of Contents (TOC) page for the Apocalypse or Daniel (See menu header above) and bookmark for future reference.This site is built with HTML 5 and CSS 3 and has been tested in IE 11, Firefox 57 and Chrome 62. For maximum viewing pleasure and compatibility update older browsers. Many of the images and tables have transition effects activated on mouse over (hover). Internal bookmarks (to endnotes, pages and TOC) are identified by a number within a square - External hyper-links in blue font with dotted line @ hover. JavaScript is employed for the search engine etc. for full functionality update your browser with the relevant plug-in. Every chapter is also available in PDF format and the page numbering corresponds with the numbering encountered on the web pages. The Shema and Bar Kochba: the false messiah and 666,March 2018,1-9 PDF download Daniel and Temple theology, March 2018,1-4 PDF download Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (PRITA), Biblaridion Media, 2018, 695 pages PDF download Dark Sayings (DS) Commentary on Proverbs  PDF download


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