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Index of Biblical and Ancient writings

A Commentary on the book of Daniel

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Index of Biblical and Ancient writings

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Old Testament

Genesis 1.2p294, 1.2-3p191, 2.1p424, 3.15p297, 4.14p93,4.15p93, 4.24p246, 6.2p.65, 9.14-16p350, 10.2p174, 11.30p307, 14.18-20p297, 14.20p52,94, 14.18,19,20,22p293, 15.1p50, 15.10p86, 15.11p50,86, 15.12p362, 15.13p362, 15.13-14p86, 17.1p154,307, 18.14p307, 22.17p280, 26.5p287, 37.29p353, 38.24p.77, 41.46p154

Exodus 3.2p84, 4.12p364, 12.18-19;13.3-10p167, 14.3p364, 14.13p364, 15.11p153, 15.11p364, 17.6p364, 17.12p364, 17.16p388, 19.6p191, 23.15p167, 23.16p168, 23.16,19;34;22p167, 23.20p240,  23.20,21p365, 24.5p30, 24.11p15, 24.11p29,30

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Leviticus 9.24p278, 16.10p93, 16.17p188, 16.29-31p168, 23.6p167, 23.10-14p167, 23.15-21p167, 23.34p168, 23.36p168, 24.34p247, 25.5p168, 26.18p52, 26.18p94, 26.19p52, 26.19p94, 26.22p52, 26.22p94, 26.32p228, 26.41-42p53, 26.41-42p95, 27.5p154

Numbers 9.10-11p167, 10.35p294, 13.23p168, 14.34p343, 14.34p427, 24.7p388, 24.16p293, 24.20p387, 24.20p388, 24.24p387, 28.26p167, 29.1p168, 29.35p168

Deuteronomy 4.24p85, 9.3p85, 16.3p362, 16.9-10p167, 16.13p168, 16.16p313, 23.1p28, 30.19p31, 32.2p190, 32.8p29, 32.8p153, 32.8p309, 33.15p94, 32.40p352

Joshua 2.6p167, 3.15p167, 5.7p154, 5.11p167, 5.14p240

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Ruth 1.22p167

I Samuel 9.20p379, 11.1p402, 17.36-37p190

2 Samuel 1.26p379, 7.11p136

1 Kings 1:32p129, 2:10p129, 6.1p247, 7.25p93, 7.44p93,8:22, 23, 27,30 ,32 ,34 ,36 ,39 , 43, 45, 49, 54p92, 8:30,32,34,36,39,43,45,49p92, 8:23,27,43,53,60 p92, 8:35p182, 10.14p76, 11.1p65

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2 Kings 5.18p28, 8.26p154, 16:10-16p445, 17.24p138, 18:22, 30, 32-35; 19:4, 10-13, 16-19, 22-24, 27, 28, 34, 37p365, 18.35p82, 19.2p124, 19.3p85, 19.3p87, 19.14p124, 19.36-37p68, 21.5p231, 21.7p231, 21.18p36, 23.31p174, 23.36p174, 24.1-2p36, 24.1-5p40, 24:1, 10f; 25:1, 8, 22p78, 24.1p174, 24.8p175, 24.12p35, 24.12p36, 24.12p37, 24.18p175, 25.1p160, 25.1p175, 25.3-4p160, 25.8p34, 25.8-9p160, 25.8-9p175, 25.27p176, 25.27-29p42

1 Chronicles 5.26p149, 9.25p313, 10.7-18p290

2 Chronicles 3.8p76, 23.8p313, 29.1–36.23p42, 29.30p124, 31.2p314, 32.2-7p138, 32.17p82, 32.23p138, 33.11-13p142, 36.6-7p36, 36.8p36, 36.10p175, 36.13p80, 36.21p247, 36.22-23p42, 36.22p361

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Ezra 1.1p108, 1.1p361, 1.1-2p140, 1.1-4p12, 1.1-8;3.7;4.3-5;5.13-17;6.3-14p141, 1.2-4p42, 1.2-3p42, 1.3-4p42, 1.1-5p115, 1.7p107, 1.8p144, 1.8p271, 1.8,11;5.14-16p176, 1.11p144, 3.6, 10, 11p144, 3.8p176, 3.8p265, 3.10p144, 3.11p144, 4.4p279, 4.4p299, 4.5p181, 4.5-7p166, 4.24p107, 4.24p161, 4.24p306, 5.7-17p160, 5.14p144, 5.14p271, 5.14p300, 5.16p144, 5.17p114, 6.1-13p114, 6.3p65, 6.3p146, 6.3p159, 6.14p303, 6.15-16p299, ch.9p305, 10.2p65, 10.9p275, 10:9, 13p169

Nehemiah 1.1p205, 1.1p206, 1.11p29, 2.1p167, 2.8p299, 2.17p307, 3.1,20p301, 5.14p300, 6.15p168, 6.15p219, 7.6p78, 8.1p274, 8.16p.274, 8.18p168, 9.4p305, 9.6p352, 9.6-37p304, 9.7-8p307, 10.3p79, 12.1p79, 12.1-26p299, 12.22p299, 12.22p302, 12.31-44p279, 12.40p279, 13.6p300

Esther  1.1p162, 1.1p181, 1.2p205, 1.2p206, 1.3p263, 1.19p181, 2.6p78, 2.7p14, 2.7p277, 4.6, 9, 11p274, 8.8p181,  8.9p162

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Job 1.6p84, 2:1p84, 3.5p30, 14.8-9p94, 26.14p348, 33.14-18p96

Psalms  2.2-18p387, 7.17p293, 8.4p200, 9.2p293, 9.4-5p189, 9.27p307, 18.3p293, 21.7p293, 32.5p412, 42.3p412,  44.15, 17p412, 47.2p293, 50.14p293, 52.1p412, 53.1p412, 54.1p412, 55.5p412, 57.2p293, 73.11p294, 74.3p412, 74.4p412, 74.7p412, 74.8p139, 74.9, 10p412, 74.15p135, 77.10p294, 78.17,35,36p294, 78.37p412, 82.6p192, 82.6p294, 83.18p294, 89.4p294, 89.27p294, 91.1,9p294, 97.9p294, 89.46p412, 89.46-48p412, 107.10p128, 107.11p294, 107.18p128, 127: 1p136, 142.6p412

Proverbs 25.1p124

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Isaiah  4.3p447, 4.13p102, 6.3p94, 7.9p135, 8.1,3p135, 8.7p365, 8.7-8p448, 8.14p49, 8.14p135, 8.16p447, 9.6p68, 9.6,7p127, 10.6,7p365, 10.8-12p453, 10.15p117, 10.17,20p84, 10.21p446, 10.22-23p275, 10.22-23p446, 10.22-23p449, 10.28-32p365, 10.33p453, 11.1p102, 11.1-5p127, 14.13p68, 14.14p68, 14.14p294, 14.18-20p68, 14.25p68, 14.25p386, 17.22p449, 19.19p130, 22.16p130, 22.22p129, 22.25p129, 26.19p447, 28.1p109, 28.1p454, 28.2p454, 28.5p45, 28.7p454, 28.16p134, 28.16p444, 28.16p451, 28.29p453, 29.11p138, 29.11p447, 29.19p409, 33.2p447, 33.14p85, 36.20p452, 37.3p85, 37.3p87, 37.14p124, 37.20p453, 37.23p452, 37.36p365, 38.13-18p444, 38.13,17p455, 38.20p124, 39.1-8p88, 39.7p28, 40.1-11p448, 40.7p52, 40.12-15,23-24p443, 40.17p94, 40.17p365, 40.19-23p452, 40.28p365, 41.6p239, 41.8p119, 41.8p193, 41.10p364, 41.12p52, 41.12p94, 41.12p364, 41.14p239, 41.15-16p451, 41.17-18p364, 41.25p365, 42.6p449, 42.8p454, 43.2p444, 43.2p452, 43.13p453, 44.1,2,21p119,  44.9-20p443, 44.13p49, 44.17p452, 44.25p443, 44.26,28p136,137, 44.28p113, 44.28p115, 44.28p131, 44.28p140, 45.1p12, 45.1p49, 45.1p108, 45.1p113, 45.1p115, 45.1p126, 45.1(b),2(b)p127, 45.1-4p140, 45.1p448, 45.2p49, 45.13,14p137, 45.13p138, 45.14p49, 45.21p49, 45.23-24p49, 46.10p49, 46.11p365, 47.7-8p453, 47.12p451, 47.12-13p49, 47.12-13p443, 47.12-13p450, 47.28p451, 48.5-7p49, 48.10p85, 49.3p49, 49.8p449, 49.23p48, 50.1p138, 52.7p187, 52.13p138, 52.13p447, 52.13p449, 52.13p449, 52.13-53.12p373, 52.13-53.12p446, 52.13-53.12p449, 52.14p449, 53.11p447, 52.14p446, 53.10p136, 53.11p449, 53.12p446, 59.1-15p445, 59.12,13p445, 59.19p135, 60.14p28, 61.1p187, 61.1-2p187, 63.7-64.11p445, 63.9p446, 64.9p445, 64.10p139, 64.10-11p139,140, 66.2p444, 66.2p455, 66.2,5p444, 66.8-9p455, 66.9p444, 66.10p444, 66.10p455, 66.19p444, 66.24p455, 66.24p447

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Jeremiah 1.1,11p79, 2.10p228, 2.12,13p227, 3.35,38p294, 4.9,10p227, 4.22p228, 7.1p79, 7.4p50, 7.4p82, 7.4p430, 7.5p228, 7.11p51, 7.14p51, 7.20p82, 7.33p50,9.7p85, 9.11,16p228, 9.11-13p228, 11.1p79, 14.1p79, 18.1,18p79, 19.14p79, 18.16p227, 20.1p79, 21.1,3p79, 21.10p85, 22.13-17p96, 22.19p36, 23.20p228, 24.3p79, 25.1p174, 25.1,13p79, 25.9p117, 25.11p341, 25.11-12p187, 25.11-12p250, 25.16,27p228, 26.7,12,20,24p79, 26.18p142, 27.1p79, 27.6p117, 27.6,8,20p78, 27.16p267, 28.2-3p79, 28.3p12, 28.3,11,14p78, 28.3p267, 28.5p79, 28.10p79, 28.15p79, 29.1,3p78, 29.1p79, 29.7p80, 29.10p42, 29.10p249, 29.10p187, 29.10-14p250, 29.21-23p78, 29.22p77, 29.24-27p79, 29.29p79, 30.1p79, 30.24p228, 31.31p341, 32.1p175, 32.1,6,26p79, 32.16,18p293, 33.1,19,23p79, 34.1p78, 34.2p86, 34.18p228, 34.18-19p86, 34.13p86, 34.20p86, 34.1,6,8,12p79, 35.1,3,12,18p79, 36.1,4,8,10,26,32p79, 36.9p35, 36.9p40, 36.9p174, 36.30p36, 37.2,6,12,21p79, 37.6-10p81, 38.1,6,10,19,24,27p79, 39.4p228, 39.5p78, 39.10p95, 39.11,14p79, 40.1,6p79, 42:2,4,7p79,  43.1,6,8p79, 44.1,15,20,24p79, 44.16-18p430, 44.30p175, 45.1p79, 46.1,13p79, 46.2p35, 46.2p40, 47.1p79, 48.45p228, 49.7p228, 49.34p79, 50.1p79, 50.27p60, 51.7p109, 51.27-29p61, 51.39,57p109, 51.59p79, 51.59p175, 52.1p35, 52.1 p79,  52.1p154, 52.6,7p160, 52.7p228, 52.11p94, 52.12-16,29p175, 52.16p95, 52.28p35, 52.28p175, 52.29p77, 52.29p146, 52.30p12, 52.30p156, 52.30p157,  52.30p175

Lamentations 2.3p82, 4.11p83

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Ezekiel 1.1p206, 1.10p93, 1.15-21p188, 9.3p51, 10.19p51, 11.23p51, 12.13p175, 12.25p271, 17.1-10p98, 20.35p66, 21.25-26p443, 26.7p78, 29.18p78, 30.10p78, 31.3-14p98, 33.21p175, 40.5p76, 40.5p279, 43.12p279 

Daniel  1.1p40, 1.1p252, 1.1p360, 1.1,18p78, 1.2p107, 1.3p29, 1.3p30, 1.4p30, 1.4,17p228, 1.5,18p36, 1.18-20p37, 1.21p113, 1.21p360, 2.1p39, 2.1,28,46p78, 2.34p70, 2.34-35p66, 2.34p444, 2.34-35p204, 2.35p61, 2.35p65, 2.35p195, 2.38p193, 2.39p61, 2.39p62, 2.43p64, 2.44p65, 2.44p70, 2.45p65,  2.45-49p37, 2.46-49p47, 2.46-49p48, 2.47p49, 3.1,5,7,9,13,16,19,24,26,28p78, 3.6p198, 3.15p82, 3.17-18p83, 3.17-18p180, 3.24-29p340, 3.28-30p47, 3.25p84, 3.26p293, 3.27p444, 3.28p84, 3.28p87, 3.28-30p50, 3.28-30p85, 3.29p32, 4.1,4,18,28,31,33,37p78, 4.3,25p88, 4.15p52, 4.15p94, 4.17p91, 4.17,24,25,32,34p293, 4.23p88, 4.27p90, 4.27p98, 4.30p88, 4.30p146, 4.30-37p193, 4.32p197, 4.33p52, 4.33p93, 4.33p94, 4.34-37p47, 4.34-37p52, 4.34-37p53, 4.37p52, 4.37p88, 4.37p94, 5.1-30p111, 5.2p107, 5.2,11,18p78, 5.5p60, 5.11p111, 5.19-22p110, 5.21p293, 5.25p165, 5.25-28p155, 5.27p446, 5.28p446, 5.30p164, 5.30p165, 5.31p164, 5.31p148, 5.31p165, 5.31p179, 6.1p154, 6.1p164, 6.5p183, 6.8,12,15p113, 6.8p183, 6.10p182, 6.28p113, 6.28p114, 6.28p149, 6.28p178, 6.28p179, 6.29p148, 6.29p179, 7.1p150, 7.1p154, 7.4p221,  7.4p444, 7.6p62, 7.6p221, 7.8p206, 7.8,11,25p221, 7.8p187, 7.8,24p221, 7.9p188, 7.12p69, 7.12p195, 7.13p71, 7.13p186, 7.13p191, 7.13p198, 7.13p200, 7.13p246, 7.13p419, 7.18,22,25,27p293, 7.25p11, 7.25p70, 7.25p186, 7.25p197, 7.25p217, 7.25p234, 7.25p289, 7.25p340, 7.25p412, 7.26,27p412, 7.27p70, 8.1p111, 8.1p205, 8.2p207, 8.3,20p60, 8.3,20p61, 8.3p163, 8.3p206, 8.5p61, 8.5p206, 8.5p221, 8.5,16,21,23,27p228, 8.5p207, 8.7p203, 8.8p207, 8.9p70, 8.9p206, 8.9p222, 8.9-14p226, 8.9-14p369, 8.10-11p239, 8.10-11p385, 8.10-11p387, 8.11p146, 8.11p197, 8.12-13p231, 8.13p228, 8.13p231, 8.13p340, 8.13p419, 8.14p215, 8.19p223, 8.20p163, 8.21-22p61, 8.24p68, 8.25p67, 8.25p68, 8.25p70, 8.25p227, 8.27p227, 8.27p228, 9.1p148, 9.1p160, 9.1p163, 9.1p164, 9.1p206, 9.2p79, 9.2p156, 9.2p250, 9.2p270, 9.2p341, 9.2p386, 9.2,22p228, 9.3,4p412, 9.7p93, 9.12p341, 9.17p146,  9.19p268, 9.20-27p251,  9.21p268, 9.21p293, 9.21p352, 9.23p29, 9.24p187,  9.23p250, 9.23p251, 9.23p268, 9.23p293, 9.24p16, 9.24p247, 9.24p270, 9.24p348, 9.25p160, 9.25p187,  9.25p255, 9.25p265, 9.24-27p280, 9.24-27p286, 9.24-27p288, 9.24-27p289, 9.24-27p293, 9.24-27p337, 9.24-27p402, 9.24-27p406, 9.24-27p413,  9.26p270, 9.26p347, 9.27p226, 9.27p231, 9.27p228,  9.27p269, 9.27p427, 9.27p338, 9.27p340, 9.27p341, 9.27p352, 9.27p372, 9.27p446, 10.1p113, 10.1p114, 10.1p154, 10.1p360, 10.1,11,14p228, 10.2,7,11,15,19p369, 10.3-4p150, 10.4p161, 10.11,19p29, 10.12-13,20p152, 10.12p293, 10.12-14p369, 10.13p113, 10.13p251, 10.13,21p240, 10.13p14, 10.14p369, 10.20-11.1p369, 11.1p154, 11.1p361, 11.2p166, 11.2-35p367, 11.2-4p369, 11.2,3,7,20,21p405, 11.5-19p369, 11.5-19p409, 11.5-39p398, 11.5-39p405, 11.5-39p413, 11.6,7p64, 11.6,13,15,21,24,29,40,45p412, 11.15p370, 11.20-30p369, 11.22,28,30,32p412, 11.26,31p412, 11,27,29,35p412, 11.28,30.45p412, 11.29p387, 11.30p382, 11.30,33,37,45p228, 11.31p372, 11.32,34p412, 11.33,35p410, 11.36p381, 11.36p412, 11.36-45p369, 11.36-45p373, 11.37-45p377, 11.40-43p383, 11.40-45p375, 11.40-45p377, 11.40-45p386, 11.40-45p389, 11.40-45p397, 11.40-45p419, 11.40-12.3p421, 11.44p387, 11.44-45p385, 11.45p387, 12.1-3p65, 12.1p240, 12.1-3p55, 12.1p412, 12.1-3p387,  12.1-3p389, 12.1-3p412, 12.2p366, 12.2p422, 12.1-3p197, 12.1-3p204, 12.2p197, 12.3p185, 12.3p410, 12.3p424, 12.3p427, 12.4p348, 12.4p427, 12.5,8p369, 12.8,10p228, 12.6p293, 12.6p351, 12.6p412, 12.7p217, 12:7p412, 12.7p424, 12.7,8p427, 12.10p228, 12.7p351, 12.7p352, 12.11p228, 12.11p372, 12.11p419, 14.1(LXX)p179

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Joel 3.14p 274, 4:14p274

Amos 9.11(LXX)p371, 8.12p427

Micah 4.10p,138

Habakkuk 2.3p203, 3.2p350, 3.9p351, 2.3p427,

Haggai 1.1,9p137, 1.1p300, 1.2p273, 1.15p161, 2.10p160, 2.10p271, 2.10,19-23p161, 2.18p144, 2.18p161, 2.18p236, 2.18-23p143,  2.19p220, 2.19p276,

Zechariah 1.7p169, 1.12p273, 3.1-8p431, 3.4-5p433, 3.14p272, 4.9p144, 4.9p151, 4.11-14p220, 4.14p271, 7.5p151, 8.19p160, 7.1p169, 7.5p270, 7.5p273, 14.20,21p279

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New Testament

Matthew  1.17p248, 2.22p334, 6.10p53, 6.13p53, 9.14-15p361, 10.23p458, 13.55p126, 16.18p130, 21.13p51,  21.21p65, 21.21p66, 21.21p204, 21.43-44p65, 21.43-44p66, 21.43-44p204, 22.23-33p437, 23.38p51, 24.15p339, 24.30p289, 24.34p458, 24.36p390, 26.60-65p289, 26.64p71, 26.64p186, 26.64p196, 26.64p438, 27.52-53p65,  27.52-53p197, 27.52-53p204

Mark 5.7p296

Luke 1.15p290, 1.17p290, 1.20p293, 1.20p295, 1.23p317, 1.26p293, 1.26,30,13p293, 1.32p294, 1.33p295, 1.35p294, 1.35p295, 1.39p317, 1.76p296, 1.77p295,  4.25p248, 22.43p280, 22.43p293

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John 1.6-8p292, 1.8p16, 1.51p72, 2.19p16, 2.19p288, 2.21p288, 4.23p16, 5.18p15, 5.18p191, 5.35p16, 5.43p242, 5.35p292, 8.44p289, 7.37p168, 8.56p289, 8.57p289, 10.22,33p15, 10.22p169, 10.22p191, 10.22p290, 10.33p191, 12.31p197, 12.34p186, 14.6p238, 14.7p72, 18.35p53, 18.36p53, 18.37p53, 19.6p273, 19.30p424

Acts 6.13-15p289, 6.10p33, 6.14p289, 6.14p186, 6.15p33, 7.48p296, 9.15p424, 10.30,31p293, 11.28p424, 12.1-2p424, 13.19,20p247, 15.20p30, 16.17p297, 23.6p438, 23.8p437

Romans 1.23.90

1 Corinthians 1.14p423, 1.23p423, 3.16p423 

Galatians 2.20p423, 3.17p247, 5.11p423, 6.14p423

Philippians 3.18p423

1 Thessalonians 4.15p458,

2 Thessalonians 2.1-2p458

Hebrews 4.3-8p427, 7.1p297, 11.33-34p180, 12.24-27p342

2 Peter 1.19p342, 3.5-7p347, 3.11p342

Jude 1.9p153

Revelation 1.1p350, 1.17p351, 1.18p280, 3.7p129, 4.1-14p187, 6.17p350, 7.14p458, 10.4p347, 10.4p348, 10.5p352, 11.1p425, 11.1-2p344, 11.1-2p345, 11.1-2p347, 11.3p427, 11.3-14p345, 11.4p346, 11.6p248, 11.10p236, 11.19p16, 11.19p359, 12.3p197, 12.7p387, 12.7-9p197, 12.12p387, 13.1p197, 13.1-2p69, 13.15p197, 13.18p198, 14.1p359, 14.1-5p347, 14.6p347, 17.3p66, 17.3p197, 17.8p197, 21.2p246, 21.2p460, 21.2-3p354, 21.10p246, 21.22p460, 21.14-21p280, 22.7p423

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Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

1 Maccabees 1.10p67, 1.11p340, 1.13p379, 1.17p41p376, 1.19p376, 1.34p372, 1.35-38p380, 1.39,45p362, 1.54p169, 1.54p226, 1.54p372, 1.59p169, 2.6p87, 3.45p372, 4.36-40p359, 4.52,59p169, 6.1-7p67, 6.1p379, 6.21-24p372, 7.26p277, 7.39-50p277, 14.36p372, 16.14p169

2 Maccabees 1.18p353, 2.1-12p16, 2.8-9p359, 5.11-21p372, 5.24p372, 6.1p372, 6.2p229, 8.4p87, 9.1-29p67, 9.3p376, 9.4p376, 9.12p15, 10.35p87, 15.1-36p277, 15.24p87, 15.36-37p277

ApZeph, SibOr 3, Test.Lev, Test.Ben,  Ezek the Trad., BW (1-36), Baruch,  p417

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Assumption of Moses 10:11p.308-9

1 Enoch 10.4p93, 71.14p201, 89.59-90.19 p.308-9, 90:6-9p309, 90:28-29p425, 46-48p201

1 Esdras   3.13 -5.3p176, 4: 4.42-57p108,114

2 Esdras  12:11-12p194, 14:10-12 p308

Sirach 40.29p31, 48.17-25p123 

Tobit (S) 1:18p85,87

Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus, Philo and Rabbinic Texts

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Josephus Antiquities 10.5.1p60, 10.11.4p164, 10.11.7p422, 11.1.2p114, 11.3.8p114, 11.8.5p62, 12.5.4p380, 12.10.5p277, 13.5.9p437, 18.1.4p437, 18.8.1-9p198, 20.8.11p241                          

Josephus Wars of the Jews 2.8.14p437

Dead Sea Scrolls   pages 414-415

Rabbinic Texts    b. Seb. 20; b. Abod. Zar. 2bGen. Rab. 99, Lev. Rab.  13:5 page 56, Bava Batra, 15a, 124, Ta'anith 29a)p 315, 318, 323, Lev.Rab.21:12 p186, Seder Olam Rabbah see Subject Index