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The Feast of Lights known as Dedication or Hanukkah
A feast introduced by the Maccabees but related to Hag 2.18-19
John the Baptist born on Hanukkah - he came to dedicate a new temple.
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The Second Temple
Renovated by Herod the Great
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Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse - Power Point (Zipped)



Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (3 Parts)
Three zipped files that contain video (.avi) and (.mp4)
Each zipped folder contains a PPT viewer therefore Power Point not necessary.
Allows the option to run video's as embedded avi or in your application as .mp4.
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The Second Temple in 3D


The temple as a 3-D scalable and rotatable model
based on drawings done by Ritmeyer Archaeological Design.
A zipped folder that contains a VRML file (.wrl); a viewer is required.
Free viewers Cartona (plug-in no longer supported by Chrome/Firefox)
or FreeCAD which is a "stand alone" application.
The downloaded wrl file is not rendered but this can be done in a CAD program.
See the Galleries below for snapshots of wire frames and rendering.
CAD design courtesy of N. B. Wyns.

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3D Wire Frame of Second Temple
CAD Wire Frame Gallery (JPG snapshots)
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3D Rendered Frame of Second Temple
CAD Rendered Wire Frame Gallery (JPG snapshots)
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A series of Power Point Presentations on Daniel

A number of presentations will periodically appear under this heading
They are based on the Commentary God is Judge (by P. Wyns, available on this website) and
supplemented with material from, Historical Issues in the Book of Daniel (Thomas E. Gaston, 2009)
These have been compiled and authored by R. Dragie.
The first in the series can be found below;


Introduction to Daniel (Part 1): Structure
R. Dragie
August 2018
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Introduction to Daniel (Part 2): History
R. Dragie
September 2018
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Daniel Chapter 1 (Part 3): Trial by Diet
R. Dragie
July 2019
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Daniel Chapter 1&2 (Part 4): Critical Problems
R. Dragie
Feb 2020
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